University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art

Services Rendered:

Square Footage:

12,000 Square Feet


Iowa City, IA


The Stanley Museum of Art will be the final structure to be rebuilt on the UI campus in the aftermath of the 2008 flood. Once complete, the museum will host exhibitions from the museum’s collection as well as traveling exhibits, and provide space for study, research, and storage of artwork.


  • The museum will house Jackson Pollock’s Mural, an 8’ x 20’ painting valued at $150 MM
  • The building’s loading dock and freight elevator (with a 21’x10’ interior cab) is designed for this painting to be moved in and out of the building
  • Elaborate brick design patterns – each brick is accounted for and shown where it should be placed in the architectural drawings
  • Building is designed to accommodate flooding of the nearby Iowa River – the first floor is 7’ above grade with parking garage below
  • 400 s.f. lightwell in the middle of the building that extends 3 stories, bringing indirect natural light into the building
  • Two third floor outdoor terraces, providing views of the surrounding areas
  • Intricate exterior finish system including custom hand-made bricks, Low-E triple pane glass and perforated metal panels
  • The construction team 3D modeled building systems to facilitate installation and allow maintenance access
All renderings property of BNIM Architects
People walking inside gallery.