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post-construction services

What Does Post-Construction Include?


Just because construction is complete, it doesn’t mean the work is done! Russell offers additional post-construction services to help ensure a successful hand-off of your building and a seamless transition to your daily operations. 

  • Operations & Maintenance Manuals
  • Commissioning
  • Training, Orientation, & Closeout
  • Performance Metrics Testing
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • 24-Hour Attention
  • Final Cleanup & Preparation 
  • Final Inspection & Walkthrough
  • Delivery of Final Drawings & Documents

We know quality and safety are important to you so we take great care in your post-construction experience. Like it or not, we are here for the long term!

Systems Turnover & Training

As we plan for turnover, remember that the physical and final completion of your project is not an end, but a beginning. We know you want us out of your hair, but there are a few things our building owners appreciate our help with in the post-construction phase!

In order for us to aid your team and staff in reaching this goal, Russell incorporates many opportunities for building orientations for your staff. With the ever-changing technology, it is crucial that staff quickly acclimate to their new workplace in order for them to provide the best possible experience from the start.

After the building is officially turned over and the orientations are complete, the project team will officially be out of your hair…sort of. We will stay in close contact with you to monitor and assess your building’s performance to make sure it meets or exceeds your goals.

Our team members are here for you from start to finish in case of any potential issues, which are our responsibility to identify and resolve. That’s what top-tier construction companies do!

Post-Project Review & Satisfaction

As the building goes through the first year of occupancy and expected seasonal changes, we will remain by your side to manage system adjustments for optimum performance and address any warranty issues that arise.

As your project nears the one-year warranty promise period, our team will schedule a tour and walk the entire facility with you, and your team, to ensure it continues to run at peak efficiency.

Even after the 12-month warranty period, our team is only a phone call (or email) away!