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Development Services

How can we be of service?

Russell is a full-service provider of commercial real estate development services for both new construction and expansions/renovations. We manage all aspects of the development process with strategy, vision, and integrity. Our approach ensures that the owner and our investment are protected and that your project is completed on time and on budget, while exceeding expectations.

Our development professionals have the experience, skills, and passion to exceed our clients’ aspirations and implement their objectives into the built environment.  Through our commitment to excellence and long-term relationships, we continually strive to deliver best practices and provide cutting-edge expertise on every project.

To offer our clients the most value, we partner with market specialists. Together, we arrive at the best solutions that make the largest impact on the communities we serve. Instead of spending time seeking, soliciting, and building a project development team, you can focus your efforts working on a solution that meets the needs of your organization, and potentially the entire community.

As a full-service development firm, we offer our clients development services including:

Is it viable? We assess the proposed project and market conditions to identify internal and external factors that may exist prior to undertaking the risk of property development. Through proforma development, our team of experts can estimate revenues earned, costs incurred, and ultimately the financial return you’ll likely see for your project. This is important for avoiding costly missteps that can impact the ultimate success of your project.

We will review all applicable information related to your site to ensure the appropriate steps are taken to satisfy all legal requirements and weigh the risks and advantages of the real estate transaction. Our history of experience in real estate development provides significant value in negotiating costs and terms of any real estate acquisition, and we will be there every step of the way to make sure the deal closes.

We provide assistance with securing the capital needed to acquire, develop and/or renovate a property, leaning on relationships with lenders and equity partners. A variety of financing alternatives are available. Our team can get creative, so you don’t have to understand all of the terms and underwriting. We’ve got you!

We will assist you from start to finish, beginning with finding the best piece of real estate for your project. Then we’ll work with land sellers, municipalities, and other governing bodies as well as civil engineers and architects to ensure your property has everything it needs to commence development.

It’s time to dive into the cost and timing of your project after your plans have been finalized with the architect, engineer, and sales/leasing team.  This process gives you an idea of cost prior to bids, barring unforeseen fluctuations in labor and material. These bids are then used for loan approval, budgeting, and scheduling.

You’ve finally completed all of the research and due diligence, and you’re ready to break ground. Our team of design, architecture, engineering, and construction professionals will guide you through the development and construction process so that you can focus on what you do best!

Our full spectrum of professional services represents more than 500,000 sf of Class-A office and residential space. As a supporting partner, we commit to providing unmatched value, via our global approach and capabilities. With right-hand access to our team, buying-power-leverage, and partner agreements with service vendors, we are your one-stop-shop.

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Contact us at our Quad Cities, St. Louis, or Kansas City offices to learn more about our development projects and services.