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construction Services

Our Process:

Our construction company has a time-proven method and quality construction process for what we do and how we do it. Our customers continually choose us to help them get the most building for their investment and we’d like to think there is a good reason for that! Our teams take the right steps to ensure that projects stay on budget and are delivered on time, while expectations are exceeded.

On any construction project, hiring a commercial building contractor with hands-on building experience, technical know-how, strong trade partner relationships, and a knack for looking at things a little differently is key. Russell integrates our collaborative project approach with state-of-the-art technology and our highly trained staff to successfully deliver construction services to our clients.

Communication & Project Management

Our on-site project coordination, disciplined communication, and rapid response are the reasons our construction process runs smoothly. We provide you with solutions and keep you posted daily (if desired).

Ongoing Budget Management.

We have decades of historic cost information at our fingertips. We utilize centralized data-driven estimating systems and powerful data analytics software to ensure accurate cost estimates are prepared for all of our projects.

This allows us to eliminate surprises and change order potential. So, you get streamlined change order management within our comprehensive budget management processes.

Subcontractor Management.

At Russell, our philosophy is to select subcontractors to complement, rather than supplement, your project. We only use firms that are pre-qualified and screened based on financial stability, manpower availability, and strong reputations for quality and ethical work.

We believe the relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers are just as important as the clients we serve. We remain focused on building these positive relationships through a simple philosophy of fairness and respect.

Scheduling /
Phasing of Work

Effectively scheduling and planning the phasing of work on a commercial construction project is an art. Our team is diligent in identifying and tracking the major milestones of your project. 

We identify roadblocks likely to be encountered during the project and plan accordingly to minimize or eliminate any impact to the overall schedule. We hold ourselves and others accountable to meet or beat the agreed upon project schedule to save our clients both time and money.

quality control.

Since our inception, Russell’s name has been synonymous with quality. Our attention to detail begins on day one and lasts even after the owner has moved into their new facility. As your advocate, it is our job to ensure a quality project!

When you hire Russell, you can rely on these five fundamental quality promises:

To establish quality goals at the start of your project. 

To conduct a pre-installation meeting with each subcontractor prior to mobilization, reviewing everything from roles and responsibilities to identifying potential quality issues.

From the planning stages through completion to ensure everyone is in compliance with the project documents, including any work enclosed during construction.

Working in a collaborative fashion with the design team and Owner on punch list items, and completing the close-out documentation in a timely fashion.

The project may be over, but we are only a phone call away! In the 12th month, we will meet, walk your project, and ensure your satisfaction.

Lean construction / Sustainability

Lean Construction strives to maximize value by applying specific techniques to deliver projects, with the main goal of minimizing waste of resources, time, materials, and safety risks. All in the name of producing the most value!

Russell uses a common-sense collaborative approach that includes all stakeholders as early as possible in the development of your commercial construction project. We work together in areas such as:

When a project is better understood, it is more organized and creates a safer work environment.

Less rework allows for a higher level of quality the first time.

Efficient jobs finish faster, allowing owners to keep money in their pockets. 

Collaboration is key and enhanced communication is inevitable. Team members are empowered to rely on each other to make and follow through on commitments.

Safety first.


Safety is – and always has been – our number one priority and a core value of our company. Our first million hours with zero lost-time incidents felt so good and we will do it again! We remain focused on preventing accidents and continuously improving our safety processes.

Two Russell hard hats on top of a safety vest.