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Affordable Housing Construction Projects

Our Approach:

Our affordable housing construction services span across many market segments. If you are seeking a design/build, general contracting, or construction management partner, we will gladly and confidently work with you on your affordable housing projects.

It’s no secret that the housing market has taken some turns in the past couple of years. Not only have market rates increased  but so have construction costs. To boot, there is a shortage of affordable housing.

As a commercial construction and real estate development company specializing in commercial market rates, our approach always involves the lowest possible cost through our lifelong industry relationships. Coupled with our housing construction expertise, we’ll come in on budget, on time, and in excess of your expectations every time, while making it so more people can afford quality housing no matter what your area median income is!

meet our experts

Meet the team behind our affordable housing developments: 

Austin Ziegler

Austin Ziegler

- Vice President, Business Development
- Quad Cities office

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Andy Howell

Andy Howell

- Director of Business Development
- St. Louis office

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Client Portfolio:

These affordable housing construction projects are another way in which we connect with our communities. We love delivering a helping hand!

  • Habitat for Humanity homes
  • Apartment rentals with laundry facilities, fitness rooms, and bike storage
  • YMCA supportive housing units
  • Residential care facilities
  • Independent living residential housing community