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Commercial Construction Projects

Our Approach:

Our construction company has a time-proven method to what we do and how we do it. Our customers continually choose us to help them get the most building for their investment and we’d like to think there’s a good reason for that! Our collaborative and highly trained team takes the right steps to ensure that all types of projects stay on budget and are delivered on time, while expectations are exceeded.

On any construction project, there are a variety of moving parts and pieces. Your budget and schedule details, evolving design, changing building models, and even owner stakeholders may all be shifting as the process unfolds. That’s just the construction business.

This is where a commercial building contractor with hands-on building experience, technical know-how, strong trade partner relationships, and a knack for looking at things a little differently all come into play.

As a full-service commercial contractor, Russell can deliver a variety of projects. From religious facilities, non-profit organizations to financial and banking institutions – we can build it all! 

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Picture of Austin Ziegler

Austin Ziegler

- Vice President, Business Development
- Quad Cities office

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Picture of Andy Howell

Andy Howell

- Director of Business Development
- St. Louis office

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Picture of Susan McNamara

Susan McNamara

- Vice President, Business Development
- Kansas City office

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Our Commercial Construction Portfolio:

Commercial and industrial buildings, religious facilities, fitness centers, office buildings, and banking institutions are just some of the common types of commercial construction projects we have to show you. Want something uncommon? Small scale? Large scale? All you have to do is ask!