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facilities management

Effective Facilities Management.

What sets Russell apart is not only can we develop and build your project, but we can manage the facility upon completion as well! Russell’s Facilities Management (RFM) provides a full spectrum of professional services to our clients, representing more than 500,000 sf of Class-A office and residential space.

As an industry-leading Integrated Facility Management (IFM) solution partner, we commit to providing unmatched value, via our integrated approach and collaborative capabilities.  With right-hand access to our real estate development and construction teams, buying-power-leverage, and partner agreements with service vendors, we are your one-stop-shop service provider.

IFM Services:

Russell Facilities Management offers a variety of standard and additional scope of IFM services to provide the most cost effective, efficient, and trusted solution for your day-to-day predictive maintenance and space management needs.

As your single point of contact will work with you on the following standard services:

  • On-site weekly walk-thru including all tenant spaces, exterior building envelope, grounds, parking lot, [once weekly] to ensure proper function of HVAC, plumbing, lighting, and overall cleanliness of your property
  • Proactively identify any areas requiring additional maintenance and/or improvement, and provide recommendation and best pricing solutions for client consideration
  • General maintenance including replacing light bulbs and/or single ceiling tiles and initial investigation as to the source of damage, testing / tightening / maintenance of fixtures
  • Weekly written report of conditions
  • Monthly invoicing

The following services are provided upon request:

  • Painting
  • Wall repair
  • Flooring repair, replace, install, cleaning
  • HVAC repairs and / or preventive maintenance
  • Plumbing repairs or installation
  • Electrical repairs
  • Ceiling tile replacement projects
  • Sprinkler testing
  • Emergency systems testing & maintenance
  • Elevator service & maintenance
  • Exterior lighting replacement
  • Interiors (selection, install)
  • Moving / storage
  • Housekeeping
  • Lawn care
  • Snow removal
  • Window washing
  • Construction projects – any size / scope
  • Other

The following services are additional/outside of scope:

  • Response to calls requiring immediate service during daytime work hours or falling outside the weekly walk-thru scheduled timing (7am – 5pm CDT)
  • Coordination and / or meeting with vendors on-site as requested by the client 
  • Any outside scope services / work and materials performed by a partner vendor and managed by RFM are subject to a management fee

The following services are additional/outside of scope:

  • Emergency after-hours response to life safety alarms (5pm – 7am CDT)
  • Response to calls requiring immediate response and / or service during after-hours (5pm – 7am CDT)
  • Any outside scope services / work plus the materials performed by a partner vendor and managed by RFM are subject to up to a management fee

We search, select, and manage vendors. These services are available at any time at a per hour rate until / unless a time when an annual scope of services is negotiated as an annual fee. 

  •  Service vendors typically managed by RFM, include HVAC, plumbing, electrical, emergency and security systems, housekeeping / janitorial, waste removal, floor mats, window washing, exterior maintenance, lawn care, and snow removal.
  • Annual or per work order solicitation for competitive bids
  • Vetting of candidates including interviews
  • Recommendations provided to client
  • Agreement preparation and / or execution of agreements
  • Perform onboarding meeting with selected vendors
  • Management of selected vendors, including scheduling of vendor services, notification of maintenance to clients, on-site quality assurance, and administrative maintenance duties

Focusing on Goals.

Key leadership over our experienced field staff and our network of highly skilled professionals gives us the capacity to implement our plan effectively. Our close proximity to your properties allows for a quick response time and efficient resolution of any issue. When entering into a service agreement, we are confident we are well able to provide the most cost-saving, efficient, and trusted solution for your goals and asset management needs.

IFM Control Costs:

Our close and established relationships with trusted, preferred real estate vendors in the local area allows us to pass our leverage-influenced savings on to you. Whenever the work scope falls outside our self-perform service scope, you are assured thorough vetting of subcontractors’ qualifications. Best pricing is secured at every step. To reduce overlap, our management team is equipped to identify scope, accurately estimate operating costs, and self-perform and/or manage the work.

If you are thinking about outsourced facilities management and making the move to IFM, give us a call! The bottom line: we’ve got you and all of your facility management efforts.

meet our rfm leadership team.

Our Russell Facilities Management (RFM) team is led by a team of passionate professionals with extensive experience managing properties. 

We invite you to learn more and contact us today!

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