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construction safety

zero injury work environment:


Our goal is always zero injuries. There is no better way to describe our construction worker safety policy and dedication to this area. This is our number one priority, always has been and always will be.

Our focus is not only to prevent accidents but to continuously improve the processes under which we operate. People and safety are core values and it is an intrinsic belief that dictates our actions in any circumstance.

Anyone can have a well-written safety program, but what differentiates Russell is that every employee embraces our goals for a zero Injury work environment. We believe that an active and effective accident prevention and safety program is an integral part of the construction process and we proudly pass these benefits on to our clients.

ONE MILLION HOURS with ZERO Lost-Time Incidents

Achieving ONE MILLION HOURS with ZERO lost-time incidents is a huge accomplishment for any construction management firm and one that not many will reach. We have done it before, and we will do it again!

Safety Expertise.

Our safety professionals tirelessly dedicate themselves to protecting workers and workplace safety. Some of the safety team’s responsibilities include:

  • Administration and implementation of the Construction
    Safety & Health Program
  • Developing, revising, and administering the company safety program to ensure compliance with all MSHA, DOT, NEC, US ARMY COE, state and local, client and company, and OSHA safety standards
  • Serving as a resource to ensure the successful and safe completion of projects
  • Promoting safety and health awareness throughout the entire organization
  • Continuous training and site safety audits
Construction workers on site

safety awards.

We would be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy being recognized for our dedication to safety, especially by these (and more) industry organizations:

Ratings: EMR

Russell’s Total OSHA Recordable Rate has remained 50% lower than the national average and our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) has ranged from 12% to 36% below the national average, lowering Russell’s workers’ compensation rates and ultimately your project costs.

Our EMR rating for 2022 is 0.78

Partnering with Russell means choosing a professional construction industry firm that cares as much about your employees as much as we care for our own. There will always be a competent person on our job sites to take into account ladder safety, hazards such as falling, electrical equipment, dangerous construction equipment, PPE (personal protective equipment), and a wide range of other safety hazards and tools. We go above and beyond what OSHA requires on your construction site. Our safe work environment is your safe work environment!