US Army Corps of Engineers

Market Segment:

Services Rendered:

Square Footage:

150,000 Square Feet


Multiple Locations


Lock & Dam 16-17
New Boston, IL & Muscatine, IA
Rock Island, IL District
Demolition, removal, disposal or replacement of concrete, slabs and foundations, fencing, gates, handrails, perimeter walls, storage yard materials, bulkhead trunks and getextile fabric.

Dresden Lock & Dam
Morris, IL
Emergency mass underwater cold weather concrete placement in a limited access marine environment in the vicinity of an operating navigation dam

Lockport Lock & Dam
Lockport, IL
Construction at an existing dam consisting with clearing and grubbing, removal of debris, tuckpointing, repair and replacement of stone masonry, PCC repair to existing bulkheads, gate tower repairs and other concrete repairs

First Army Headquarters Building 68
Rock Island, IL
150,000 s.f. renovation, new construction, maintenance and repair of Building 68 for a 3-star general in charge of the First Army