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Two workers standing near HVAC pipes

How the MidAmerican EnergyAdvantage® Trade Ally Partner Program Can Help YOU.

Did you know on average, 40% of the cost of a commercial construction project is in the design and installation of the mechanical and electrical components? As an Owner, how do you ensure you are making informed decisions on the appropriate energy-efficient systems and rebates available for your project? By partnering with Russell, our team of construction professionals will ensure your project is successful from day-one.

Russell is proud to be a part of a select group of businesses participating in the MidAmerican EnergyAdvantage® Trade Ally Partner Program. As the Midwest regions only Construction Manager / General Contractor to hold this distinction, our goal is to simplify the Owner’s energy-efficiency decision making process, during the design phases of a project.  We collaborate directly with MidAmerican Energy Company (MidAmerican Energy) to provide Owners accurate budgetary information on systems analysis, long-term payback savings and available energy-efficiency program rebates.

What value does Russell and MidAmerican Energy’s partnership add to our projects and Owners?

  • Energy Analysis:In partnership with MidAmerican Energy, and their network of providers, Russell will analyze various energy saving strategies to provide initial cost energy efficiencies, potential payback costs / timeframes and available rebate incentives.  Providing Owners with accurate budgetary costs of implementing an energy-efficiency strategy allows for informed decision making.
  • Knowledgeable Energy Rebate Resource: As a MidAmerican EnergyAdvantage® Trade Ally Partner, Russell is well educated in helping Owner’s navigate the energy efficiency rebate programs for new construction and remodel projects. We make applying for rebates fast and easy.
  • Direct Access to Trade Ally Ambassadors: Our team receives direct support and attention from MidAmerican Energy designated program experts, who are available for meetings and calls to provide one-on-one program guidance for our projects.
  • Priority Project Status:Due to our direct relationships with the Trade Ally Ambassadors and the Regional Program Managers, Russell is able to bring MidAmerican Energy into the design process sooner – as soon as a schematic design is completed.
  • Advanced Notice:We receive advanced notice of events, program changes, updates and promotions regarding MidAmerican Energy’s Programs, before our competitors. If changes are coming in the near future for a rebate program, Russell’s team can make an informed decision to either delay or expedite a rebate process to ensure our Owners are taking advantage of all available energy rebates.

Russell is one of the only regional Construction Manager / General Contractors to employ an in-house Senior Project Manager who specializes in Mechanical and Electrical coordination. Tim Smith plays an integral role in the preconstruction and execution of projects, in regards to their mechanical and electrical components. Tim is an active member of American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE).

Russell has successfully leveraged our MidAmerican EnergyAdvantage® Trade Ally Partner Program status and the skillset of Tim Smith to deliver over $300,000 in energy efficient savings for many of our recent projects, including:

Birchwood Fields Learning Center
Davenport, IA

  • Type:Educational Facility / Office Building
  • Strategies Implemented: Installation of Interior and exterior LED lights, lighting controls, LED occupancy sensors and new energy-efficient HVAC equipment
  • Rebate Savings:$16,800
  • Rebate / Square Foot:$0.76

Vera French Sheridan Springs 
Davenport, IA

  • Type:Assisted Living / Housing
  • Strategies Implemented: Installation LED lights and new energy-efficient HVAC equipment
  • Rebate Savings:$41,400
  • Rebate / Square Foot:$2.67
  • Payback Savings:$6,700 / year over ASHRAE baseline efficiencies

Silvis Police Station
Silvis, IL

  • Type:Public / Municipal Building
  • Strategies Implemented: Installation of LED lights and lighting controls
  • Rebate Savings:$16,436
  • Rebate / Square Foot:$1.56
  • Payback Savings:$6,500 / year over ASHRAE baseline efficiencies

Honkamp Krueger
Davenport, IA

  • Type:Commercial Office
  • Strategies Implemented: Enrollment in Commercial New Construction (CNC) Program
  • Rebate Savings:$19,916
  • Rebate / Square Foot:$0.96
  • Yearly Energy Savings:$5,100 / year over ASHRAE baseline efficiencies

Rivermont Collegiate
Davenport, IA

  • Type:Private K-12 Educational Facility
  • Strategies Implemented: New HVAC, insulation, roof and siding, windows, hot water heater and LED lighting
  • Rebate Savings:$23,433
  • Rebate / Square Foot:$3.14

Want to learn more? Contact us today to learn how our team can make your project and energy-efficiency savings a reality.