Virtual Design & Construction

Virtual design & construction rendering for a building

We provide certainty of project outcomes by using the latest technology to enable teams to communicate, visualize, and identify operational improvements in a more collaborative environment than ever before.

Seeing the Way

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)  is an accumulation of technology based tools and processes to help analyze data and assist with project phasing, spatial planning, quantities, scheduling, prefabrication, operations, and maintenance.  We do this by using Building Information Models (BIM) in conjunction with our standard preconstruction and construction services.

BIM is a 3D digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility. From development and design to construction and operations, we bring together the Building Information Models from all design and trade partners. This creates a complete visual foundation for your project allowing you to look at key areas of a building and multiple scenarios before it’s built.

VDC works best with input from all project stakeholders, which naturally allows it to foster true collaboration. From owners, developers, design teams, project management, subcontractors, to field supervisor and maintenance technicians, we want to find ways to help everyone collaborate, communicate, and execute more efficiently with technology solutions.


At Russell, we tailor VDC to fit the needs of your project in order to save time, money, rework, and find the most efficient solutions to problems before they reach the field.  VDC and BIM allow us to make confident decisions on the most efficient workflows to provide the best quality outcomes possible before the project ever hits the ground.

Our Services

Create accurate visualization to help communicate what the end result will look and feel like. This helps enable stakeholders to make decisions on the multiple options available to them, and get owners and communities excited about their projects such as conveying project details to community/stakeholders during pre-referendum.

Taking greater ownership of the safety of all our job sites by reviewing logistical challenges virtually prior to setting foot on-site. Leveraging BIM has enhanced our ability to build comprehensive safety plans that ensure a safe jobsite.

Analyzing construction planning and scheduling scenarios with visual scheduling that demonstrates the assembling of the building over time. During this process, we also look for opportunities to optimize construction through lean planning, prefabrication and modular fabrication.

Organize relevant trade models and integrates them with design and construction models to perform a variety of clash detection analyses. The trades can then utilize the 3D coordination models to produce submittals, prefabricate, determine the best installation sequence, and use robotic total stations to layout their systems.

Virtual assembly of systems allows greater scrutiny of how to fabricate and install, leading to greater confidence in building performance over its lifetime. We determine the best installation sequencing and flesh out details that are not easily discovered using a traditional 2D shop drawing process.

Russell can deliver a digital as-built of the facility that provides all information necessary to manage and operate the  building including linking of model components to relevant digital as-builts, Operations & Maintenance documentation, and Facilities Management systems integrations.

Reality Capture Services allow our team to gather more in-depth data in shorter amounts of time on existing facility conditions, that may not be accurately represented elsewhere. Reality Capture provides a holistic and comprehensive viewpoint to reference at any time from anywhere. This is achieved through unmanned aerial (drone) flights, laser scanning, and 360° photo documentation.


Interested in learning more about VDC and how it can help you save time and money on your project? Contact us today!

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