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Exterior drone rendering of new warehouse

Worldwide Brand Distributor Coming to Walcott

Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Long-term client, the Iowa 80 Group, solicited Russell in early 2018 to build a 100,000 s.f. Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) in Walcott, IA, home of their corporate headquarters and World’s Largest Truckstop. Iowa 80’s intent was to lease the building to the Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company upon project completion. This will make Walcott the new Quad Cities location for Atlantic Bottling, as they currently have a facility in Rock Island, IL. The facility will bring a lot of excitement to Walcott, as this will be one of the company’s major industrial facilities once complete.


The 100,000 s.f. building will have 29 docks for around-the-clock distribution opportunities. To efficiently utilize the docks, the design of the truck lanes was a very important factor. The facility will have a dedicated single lane for trucks to enter the property and one to exit. The single-entry lane will be completely independent of the pavement area for the docks to maximize flow efficiency. This was critical so that trucks could back into the docks without creating traffic jams. Shive-Hattery created numerous design iterations to obtain the perfect solution for the facility, while Russell updated the budget at every turn to verify that the product was satisfactory.

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Interior structure progress and dock construction

Inside the Building

The most significant interior aspect of the project will be the racking layout and flow of pallet jacks, which are equipment that pick-up pallets of product and load/unload the trucks. 25’x25’ bay spacing was initially designed, then 40’x50’, and finally 50’x50’ bays were decided upon after carefully analyzing the racking/product layout and flow of loading/unloading product. This layout changed the PEMB roof structure from purlins (a typical PEMB element) to conventional bar-joists (a conventional structural steel component) and made the 15 R30 roof insulation challenging to achieve. For cost purposes, we didn’t implement a convention membrane roof on-top of the standing seam roof, so we employed all roofing insulation to be above the bar-joists. Subsequently, we maximized the floor space on the interior (27 interior columns) and still achieved the building properties desired by the team.

Other Project Facts

  • 6,000 s.f. of conditioned office space within the warehouse, serviced by a ground mounted rooftop air handling unit
  • The other 94,000 s.f. of the Warehouse is open and only has summer ventilation and three Cambridge units for heating
  • 1600A electrical service for the building
  • Eave height of the PEMB is 24’
  • 110,000 s.f. of 8” thick PCC pavement on the exterior
  • 30,000 s.f. of 5” thick asphalt pavement for the customer/employee parking
  • (29) 9’x10’ docks with hydraulic levelers

Below is a virtual fly over of the new facility. The project will be completed next summer.

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