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United Way 2020 Recap

Improving the quality of life in our community is one of our top values at Russell, and given the year we’ve experienced, our community needs the support more than ever. One way we demonstrate this value each year is through our United Way campaign. This year we decided to raise the bar higher and set two goals for our team members; 1) Gain at least 10 new donors 2) Have 50 percent of our employees who pledged last year increase their pledge by 10 percent or more.

Despite all of the challenges 2020 has presented, we are proud to announce that this year’s United Way campaign was our most successful to date! We had 16 new donors and 96% of our team members who donated last year, increased their pledge by 10 percent or more. Not only did we blow both of our goals out of the water, but thanks to the generosity of our team, we were able to write a check to United Way for $45,490.56—that’s over $5,500 more than last year! Almost $37,000 of this year’s total came from pledges made by Russell team members while the remaining came from a corporate donation and social-distanced special events such as Rock n’ Roll Bingo via email, Desk Delivered Happy Hour, Halloween Scare (candy bar) deliveries, and our first ever Penny Wars.

We are so proud of our team for stepping up this year when our community needs it the most and are challenging other local businesses to do the same. Interested in starting or improving your own United Way workplace campaign? Contact United Way Cabinet Member, Whitney Misfeldt, at for more information!

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After a close Penny Wars competition, Creighton unfortunately took several pies to the face after being defeated by Team Purple.