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Russell is excited to announce it has been awarded the prestigious contract for the construction of the $48 MM St. Louis Community College (STLCC) Forest Park Transportation Center project.

This flagship project, a cornerstone in educational and workforce development for the St. Louis metro area, is a key component of the STLCC Transformed Initiative – centered around modernizing facilities and programming to meet the job training and retaining demands of Missouri. The Transportation Center, located on the southern section of the campus, is set to replace an existing parking lot and will redefine collaborative learning for automotive technology, diesel technology, and CDL-A professional truck driving programs.

The 79,000 s.f. cutting-edge facility includes:

  • Consolidating STLCC’s automotive, diesel, and truck driving programs under one roof, fostering an environment of shared knowledge and expanding student capacity.
  • A 36,000 s.f. fleet parking lot and a substantial 193,000 s.f. truck driving lot that will provide ample outdoor learning opportunities for hands-on training.
  • Collaborative spaces, break areas, and group workspaces that will facilitate a dynamic learning environment for both credit and non-credit students.
  • Additionally, flexible classrooms and adaptable lobby areas that were designed to meet student needs and serve as a central hub for hosting events and classes for external organizations, further strengthening the college’s ties with the local community.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held at STLCC-Forest Park’s campus on October 25th.

A significant feature of the Transportation Center is the specialized garage equipped with bays designed for standard vehicles and large trucks, aligning with the evolving needs of the automotive and trucking industries. To promote sustainability, the current automotive space in the campus’s West Wing will be repurposed for other uses within the college. The $48 MM project is scheduled to be completed in May 2025.

Serving as a Gateway to the West, St. Louis’ central position in the country functions as a multi-faceted hub connecting roadways, waterways, air travel, railways and pipelines. Within this region, three major rivers converge, five interstate highways and six Class I railroads intersect, facilitating the movement of people and goods in and out of the area. This advantageous setting for companies specializing in logistics, transportation, and distribution, or those with a strong dependence on these elements, offers St. Louis a unique economic advantage. Furthermore, with St. Louis’ fourth largest-industry being manufacturing, and the region’s workforce being nearly 15% or more productive than the national average, STLCC’s investment in furthering their facilities to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for manufacturing and transportation is a win-win for the region.

Russell is eager to embark on this transformative journey with STLCC and is proud to be entrusted with this significant project for the St. Louis metro. “Our commitment to St. Louis is highlighted in our commitment to partnering with St. Louis Community College on this Transportation Building project. Workforce development is critical to a thriving metro—being a part of this project aligns with Russell’s desire to continue to build great people, relationships, and communities.” Russell’s St. Louis Market President, Matt Stack, shared.

Russell’s unique portfolio of over $372 MM higher education and $1.2 billion in manufacturing experience is the right mix to ensure a successful completion of this project for STLCC. Russell is confident in our ability to deliver high-quality construction that aligns with the STLCC’s vision to enhance the educational landscape and workforce development of our region.

Project Team:

  • David Mason & Associates
  • FGM Architects 
  • SSC Engineering, Inc.
  • DTLS Inc.