Vera French Housing

Market Segment:

Square Footage:

54,900 Square Feet


Multiple Locations


Vera French Manor

A 7,900 s.f. housing project that includes nine one-bedroom units, one three-bedroom unit, administration offices, and a community room.

Vera French Terrace

The construction of 6,500 s.f. independent living and residential housing.

Vera French Court

A new 9,463 s.f. housing addition that includes 13 resident rooms, a community room, kitchenettes, and tenant storage.

Vera French Carol Center

Expansion of the existing kitchen, the addition of a grease interceptor, and the remodel of an existing garage into a livable space.

Vera French Sheridan Springs

Construction of a 16,000 s.f., 15-unit residential care facility consisting of a nurses’ station, fitness center, living room, and an administration wing.

Vera French Pine Meadows

A 15,000 s.f. interior remodel to fit 15 beds and other services and programs related to mental healthcare.

Vera French Pharmacy

Interior remodel to build out a new 3rd party pharmacy in the existing Vera French space.