St. Anthony’s Catholic Church

Market Segment:

Square Footage:

7,200 Square Feet


Davenport, IA


The project consisted of a 7,200 s.f. addition and renovation to an existing church that included:

  • Gathering Space
  • Classrooms
  • Library
  • Kitchen
  • Restrooms
  • Common Space

Since 1837, St. Anthony Catholic Church has had a historic and deeply personal impact in the heart of downtown Davenport.  St. Anthony’s, the oldest church in Davenport, was founded by Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli and also served as a court of justice for the city of Davenport.  172 years later, St. Anthony’s presence continues to love their neighbors, as they built a new Multipurpose Hall, Education Center, Gathering Center, historically focused landscaping, and, most significantly, a commercial kitchen, patio, and distribution window that was affectionately named “McAnthony Window,” out of which to serve meals to the homeless and underprivileged.

This new facility will allow St. Anthony’s to serve the spiritual needs of people of all ages with the additional space.  Faith formation will be housed in a single location to serve the Catholic families and especially the children and youth programs.  Small-group Bible studies will also meet in classrooms.  The church offices will be located on the church square.  In addition, the Gathering Center will be a place where parishioners of all ages can gather and lift one another up, building community and fellowship.  By strengthening and equipping the people at St. Anthony’s, all will be more empowered to serve their neighbors in their daily needs.

Another focus of this project is to create a more unified, aesthetically pleasing campus, which will attract attention to the historically significant church square and will dovetail well with the city’s downtown beautification plans.