St. Ambrose University – Christ the King Chapel

Market Segment:

Square Footage:

21,000 Square Feet


Davenport, IA


Christ the King Chapel is nestled on the quiet campus of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa.  In order to bring the 50-year-old building in line with the Second Vatican Council, the chapel underwent an extensive renovation and addition process. Several “treasures” of the original building were incorporated into the design of the new 21,035 s.f. worship facility, including ornamental metal, restored stained glass windows, marble flooring, and a reconditioned wooden crucifix that serves as a main focal point of the chapel.  Additionally, the interior limestone walls were refurbished to restore them to their original glory.

Several modifications were made to the layout of the sanctuary in order to accommodate a growing campus and community.  Relocation of the chapel main entrance to the opposite end of the building allowed for a more prominent processional orientation.  The choir balcony was also removed to make space for a Eucharist and a large stained glass window serves as the “eye” to the center of campus. Removal of the balcony presented a challenge due to the existing bell tower above the chapel. The balcony had to be structurally reinforced and carefully removed in sections while a new frame was put into place. In the end, the overall renovations and additions to the chapel have created a place of worship that is warm, inviting, and easily accessible to its students and the outside community.