Pathfinder Elementary School

Market Segment:

Services Rendered:

Square Footage:

50,000 Square Feet


Kansas City, MO


Pathfinder is a new 50,000 s.f. Elementary School that sits on 12 acres in Platte County. The building site was raised 4.5 feet to avoid the expense of excavating rock for the footings.

The building is constructed of thin brick front pre-cast concrete panels, aluminum storefront accents, and masonry stone accents.

This School is state of the art with detailed interior finishes that present the school as a city street with rest stops, a nurse’s station, a clock tower, etc. The media center’s ceiling was built to resemble a tree top with the office as its tree house. Careful planning was taken to provide the necessary measures to add on to this school as growth demand dictates without compromising the feel, theme, and intention of the school.

library entrance with clock tower