Cargo Largo

Market Segment:

Services Rendered:

Square Footage:

560,000 Square Feet


Independence, MO


560,000 s.f. tilt-up concrete warehouse and retail center including 150,000 s.f. of mezzanines. This new mixed-use facility consolidates all Cargo Largo operations from six metro locations into one corporate headquarters, store, and warehouse including 51 docks, storage, shipping, sorting, and auction areas. The state-of-the-art facility, with expanded car and trailer parking, also incorporates infrastructure improvements of public roadways and signaling to enhance access and traffic flow, including:

  • Connecting Weatherford Rd. to 35th St. to provide enhanced traffic flow and emergency access.

  • Installing left and right-turn only lanes onto 35th St. from southbound Weatherford Rd; eastbound right-hand turn lane from 35th St. onto Weatherford Rd; and 33rd St. from Weatherford Rd. to the new facility.

  • Extending 33rd St. to Noland Rd and installing southbound right-hand turn lane from Noland Rd. onto 33rd St.

In March of 2024, Cargo Largo won the KCBJ Capstone Award in the Industrial Category.

Check out Cargo Largo’s website for more information on the construction process.