Belmar Pharma Solutions

Market Segment:

Square Footage:

76,600 Square Feet


Multiple Locations


Palm Harbor, FL

  • The repair of a ceiling grid and replacement of damaged ceiling tile. Replacement of ten doors, frames, and hardware. Replacement of one storefront aluminum entrance. Miscellaneous painting, replacement of damaged flooring in select areas, and minor wall repair with cosmetic renovations to get them through the year.
  • 1,900 s.f. misc. improvements to existing APS location to comply with current standards.


Golden, CO

  • 5,440 s.f. renovation of shell space into a new QA/QC test lab for Belmar Laboratories. The facility includes room for future growth and additional testing while allowing quality assurance testing to be brought in-house. The renovation included new resinous flooring, new lab benches, a centralized exhaust system, an upgraded electrical service, a microbiology clean room for future isolators, along with typical office, conference, breakroom, and other common welfare spaces.
  • 22,236 gut and remodel of 3-existing suites in industrial building to create two-separate pharmaceutical manufacturing centers.
  • Replacement of two inoperable RTUs with new Trane Units. The units were selected to be the right size and function for use when the space is renovated.
  • Furnishing and installation of Generac industrial diesel engine  driven generator.


Lakewood, CO

  • Wiring of an air compressor, an inverter for an experimental mixer, and an automated labeling machine.
  • Updating lighting in caged areas, relocation of compressed air and related piping, and installation of new cages to improve air flow.


Youngstown, AZ

  • 21,000 s.f. renovation included sterile hazardous, non-sterile hazardous, and non-sterile non-hazardous drug compounding suites, lab support, sterilization, glass wash, dispensing, quality assurance, office, and common welfare areas. The project also included a new spray-applied rubber membrane roof coating, new packaged chiller units, rooftop exhaust equipment, fan filter units, venturi style VAVs, and a DDC system capable of remote monitoring and management between the Belmar Pharma Solutions sites around the country.
  • Furnishing and installation of Generac industrial diesel engine  driven generator.


Odessa, FL

  • Procure long lead items along with owner equipment and furniture. Examples include a two-stop elevator, modular clean rooms, office/break room furniture, and possibly lab equipment like biosafety cabinets, laminar airflow hoods, high-temperature dishwashers, autoclaves, and analytical balances.
  • 26,163 s.f. shell space renovation including new structural steel equipment platform over two new modular cleanroom sterile production suites for HD and Non-HD goods.  The project also included a new elevator to serve office and common welfare areas on the existing mezzanine in addition to the new offices and conference rooms on the first floor.
  • Furnishing and installation of Generac industrial diesel engine  driven generator.