Pay it Forward

Hands holding a heart

Pay it forward

We appreciate your trust and partnership and want your input on our first project of 2021.

Traditionally around the holidays, we send gifts of appreciation to our clients and partners. This year we felt a strong need to do something different. One of our core values is COMMUNITY, and we all know that our communities need us more than ever this year. We at Russell are committed (with your help!) to putting as many dollars as possible back into our communities.

We’ve given you $50; we just have one simple request...

Take the $50 Visa gift card and Pay it Forward. Donate to a cause important to you, participate in a local holiday drive, give it to your local coffee shop to pay for the next few orders behind you or simply give something special to that someone special. The choice is yours!

We cannot build great people, relationships and community without you. Thank you for trusting Russell to be your partner. We hope this small token of our appreciation continues to pay it forward in your community. Here's to a healthy and prosperous 2021!