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Over One Million Safe hours Achieved!

Russell is excited to announce that we recently surpassed a momentous milestone of working 1 million hours without a single lost time injury. We are proud to celebrate this significant achievement with our team members.

Construction is inherently dangerous. According to the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total number of fatalities on construction sites in 2021 was 951 people. That is nearly three people a day that don’t return home due to construction accidents, with thousands more living with long-term injuries. 

This significant achievement is a direct result of our team members’ unwavering dedication to prioritizing safety – one of our core corporate values. Our belief is that safety isn’t just something we preach, we practice it with every action, discussion, and decision we make.  All our team members – both on our job sites and in the office – understand that any shortcut that will save 10 minutes, or a few dollars, is not worth the potential safety hazard of someone getting hurt and not returning home safely to their family.

Safety is a core value and something we take extremely seriously as a company. I am so incredibly proud of the men and women of Russell who fully embrace our culture and expectations of safety,” stated Jim Russell, CEO.