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brick exterior of CGH Medical Center

New Client Highlight: CGH Medical Center

New Client Highlight: CGH Medical Center

Russell is excited to once again be partnering with CGH Medical Center on a series of small projects.  Our history with CGH Medical Center goes back more than 10 years when we originally completed a renovation at their Lynn Blvd. Medical Center, the largest of CGH’s off-site network of family medicine clinics, and a 3,400 s.f. administration renovation at their main Medical Center, both in Sterling, IL. Recently, we reconnected with this past client and earned a spot on their selective bidders list. We are excited to be partnering with them once again and look forward to a long-lasting relationship!

CGH Medical Center logoWho is CGH Medical Center? 
For more than 100 years, CGH Medical Center has been providing quality care to much of Northern Illinois’ Sauk Valley. With 16 locations and serving more than 105,000 people, CGH provides a multitude of services including inpatient care, outpatient care, an ambulatory surgical center and physical and occupational therapy, to name a few. To learn more about CGH, please visit their website:

CGH has been experiencing exponential growth over the past few years, and with that comes the need to update and expand facilities. Recently, Russell was awarded three separate projects with CGH. Currently under construction is the renovation of an existing space at the main Medical Center in Sterling into an MRI Suite. Two other projects, which are both slated to start in the next few weeks, include a renovation of CGH’s Downtown Medical Center and the remodeling of an existing space at the main Medical Center into a hybrid operating room.

Welcome to the Russell family, CGH Medical Center!

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