Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Employees look on as the beam is hoisted in the air

Celebrating a favorite holiday with a big project milestone

Friday was a special day for our company as we prepare to move into our new building later on this year. We watched the final beam, that 145 of our employees signed, be put in place in what will be our new employee break area. And you may be wondering, “okay, so what does this have to do with St. Patrick’s Day?” It has a lot to do with it, actually.

“St. Patrick’s Day is always a special day, more than green plastic and too much to drink,” says Jim Russell, our President and CEO. “My Great Grandfather John J. Russell emigrated from Ireland around 1890 to Davenport. My wife, Michelle, and I were married in Ireland and have been there 11 times. Ireland holds a special place in our hearts, so it’s only fitting that we bring some of it to our office. Our break area, which will be recreated in our new office, is named after the classic Irish Gaelic toast “Sláinte”, which means “health”.

It made perfect sense for the beam that we all signed to be placed in our new break area. It’s a place where many of us often gather, whether it be for coffee in the morning and catching up on the news or having a beverage on a Friday afternoon to celebrate the start of the weekend. It’s not uncommon to hear “Sláinte!” as people are raising their glasses.

So on this St. Patrick’s Day, we raise a glass to you, our employees and to all those we’ve worked with.


Russell Beam2 Russell Beam3 Russell Beam4 Russell Beam
Beam being put into place in Slainte, our future break area

The beam with all of our signatures before it was put in place

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