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Front entrance of Dixon High School with scaffolding

Dixon Public Schools 170

 Project Update

We are excited to announce the completion of two years worth of building addition, renovation and overall improvement projects at Dixon Public Schools 170 in Dixon, IL! Significant work was performed at Dixon High School, Washington Elementary and Jefferson Elementary schools equating to more than 300,000 s.f.  All three schools required detailed planning while in occupied conditions, with multiple schedule sequences to place the work as designed.

Construction projects in occupied schools requires clear and creative thinking by the entire project team along with the site staff and administration. The most important outcome for all is keeping students and staff safe and separate

from construction activities. This is at the very core of Russell’s entire planning process as the schedule is created with the sequence path through and around the building for work placement. Minimizing disruption to the education environment day to day is achieved with proactive planning and good communication. What our teams often stress to our clients is that their involvement and engagement is critical to the planning process and successful outcome of the project. Consideration of special activities, such as testing times during the year, are planned for in the work flow.

At Dixon High School, we were able to limit the construction impact on student learning by performing a large majority of the work during the summer months. Completing over $10 million of work during the ten weeks of summer 2018 was achieved through extensive planning between the all parties involved, including the owner, construction manager, architect, abatement consultant and contractors.

As we continued into our second-year phase of completion for these projects, the team of Dixon Public Schools 170 and Russell had a strong working communication process established that kept all informed and current with project activities. Our construction management software tool provided access for all project stakeholders on each of the projects. All information was current and updated daily to reflect status of all working functions of the project. Communication that is current and responsive by our experienced team is always key to the success of our project outcomes for our clients.

We realized together with Dixon Public Schools that we are a good fit in size, experience and knowledge for their K-12 capital improvement projects and are very happy to be partnering with them.

Headquartered in Davenport, IA – Russell provides professional construction and real estate development services across the Midwest and beyond through a collaborative approach. We have a deep experience portfolio in education projects, equating to over 3 MM s.f. in successful projects for the K-12 sector alone.


Dixon High School

Renovations to the historic Dixon High School built in 1929 including complete masonry restoration on the exterior façade, installation of a secure vestibule for improved safety, new historically accurate windows with improved thermal properties, new science lab with modern technology and equipment, complete renovations of theatre sage structure, lighting and upgraded equipment, restroom upgrades to bring into ADA compliance, new asphalt parking lots and HVAC/electrical upgrades including a complete geothermal system.

Check out the drone footage of the project in progress at Dixon High School from last spring!

Jefferson Elementary

Renovations including a new commercial kitchen, gymnasium, an elevator, interior life safety improvements and HVAC/electrical upgrades including a complete geothermal system.

Washington Elementary

Renovations including a new stair tower with an elevator to replace an aging stair lift to make ADA access easier and more effective, interior life safety improvements, and HVAC/electrical upgrades including a complete geothermal system.