Delivery Methods

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We want to help you build a successful project - which begins first with choosing the right delivery method. Our collaborative approach brings all of the services you need into one, seamless process.

Choosing the Right Option

There are numerous types of delivery methods that Russell’s qualified staff can provide to our Owners.

General Contracting

This is the most traditional delivery method, where the General Contractor is responsible for managing the construction’s progress in relation to the design provided.  Our on-site project coordination, disciplined communication and rapid response are the reasons why our construction process runs smoothly. We provide Owners solutions and keep them posted weekly and monthly. Our full-time, on-site field team proactively works with our suppliers and subcontractors to manage site staff and general construction execution.

Construction Management 

Russell has the ability to serve our clients as either a Construction Manager as “Agent” or “Constructor“.

  • Construction Management – Agency (CMa): is a method where the owner selects a design firm and a Construction Manager at the start of the project. Together with the owner, the CMa and designer work as agents of the owner to prepare a set of bidding documents from which specialty subcontractors propose their lowest price. Upon the receipt of the specialty subcontractors’ bids the owner enters into individual contracts with multiple subcontractors to deliver the project.
  • Construction Management at Risk (CMc): is a method of the owner selects a design firm and a Construction Manager at the start of the project.  Russell commits to a guaranteed price for the project, providing our clients with the security of a construction cost that will not be exceeded. This method also offers the potential for clients to share in the savings should costs come in below the guaranteed price. Our open-book approach also gives our clients the ability to participate in the subcontractor buy-out process to the extent desired.


This delivery method guarantees clients a single point of responsibility and the potential for rapid completion.  On a design/build project, Russell is engaged by the client prior to the start of design, and we assume the responsibility and risk for the services provided by our design professionals and consultants. Key benefits include an early project cost guarantee, a shorter overall project schedule and a reduced burden on our client’s resources. You can count on our expertise in this method gained through over 30 years of experience.


Traditional Design / Bid / Build 

This linear delivery method is where the design team is selected separately and reports directly to the owner. Plans and specifications are completed by the architect and then bids are issued. Contractors bid the project exactly as it is designed with the lowest responsive bidder awarded the work.  Although this may seem like the “safest and easiest” way to procure a project, there is an increased risk for change orders and Owner time and resource requirements.


Integrated Project Delivery

An Integrated Project Delivery process creates the highest value for our clients.  It involves the owner, architects, engineers and major trades partners working together early and often to identify project goals, challenges, needs and wants.  The central driving force of this method is centered on the blending of experts amongst all key stakeholders – designers, facilities management, end users, financial decision-makers, construction experts and trade workers. The comprehensive team is assembled at the project inception, and based on their individual capabilities and capacity to work in a lean, seamless delivery, not their lowest price. Russell uses this concept on every project we undertake – a collaborative project is a successful project.


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