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CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: The Suites of Bettendorf

WORK IS UNDERWAY AT the suites of bettendorf

Located on a 15 acre site in Bettendorf is an 149,975 s.f. three-story, wood-framed senior living facility with an underground precast parking garage. The project includes construction of roadway, utilities, and stormwater detention for future development on the adjacent lots. The purpose of this cooperative is to provide senior citizens with comfortable and customized independent living areas. This project includes 62 units that range from 1,050 s.f. to 1,797 s.f.

The residents who buy units in The Suites of Bettendorf are able to completely customize their homes, everything from the framing layout to the paint colors and bath fixtures. Constructing this project is essentially the same as constructing 62 unique and individual homes under one roof. The entire property will be owned by the residents who live there following completion of the project.

The anticipated completion date is late fall 2021.

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This is the second project we have been able to complete for the owner, Ewing Properties.

The work completed with Ewing Properties has been mutually beneficial and has played to both companies strengths, allowing for high quality work to be done within an aggressive time frame. After the initial success of the first co-op between Russell and Ewing Properties it became clear that working together on additional projects could garner success in multiple areas for both companies. Beginning the process of a new project starts with searching for the perfect location to start construction! Russell’s very own, Senior Vice President of Development, Caitlin Russell, began this search by reviewing potential job sites and conducting analytical research into which sites would prove most successful as a new project location.

Collaborating with another company allows for a wealth of knowledge to be shared between both parties. The baseline for establishing projects is found by reviewing the previous projects completed by both companies that stand out as the best, and bringing the factors that lead to a great work environment and a successful final project into our new endeavors.