Our Culture

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At Russell, we strive to be a fun workplace with a collaborative work environment. We want to be an place where our employees love coming to work everyday.


Our Culture

Since its inception in 1983, Russell has been committed to cultivating a social and professional culture in which all employees can work, learn, interact and develop.  In order to retain the best and brightest employees, we have created a positive and challenging work environment that provides opportunities for career advancement for all levels of employees. Participation in industry certifications, conventions, tradeshows or seminars and professional development training is encouraged, even if it coincides with the normal 8:00 – 5:00 work day.

As a company dedicated to providing a flexible work environment that fosters trust, Russell offers a Universal Paid Time Off (PTO) policy where employees take time off when they need it; it’s not earned and it’s not accrued. This policy requires employees to be empowered to manage their own schedules, while being accountable for their individual workloads.  Russell also offers an open office environment where all employee work areas – including the CEO – have open work spaces and no doors.  This allows employees to more easily work as a team.

“Lasting Community Impact” is among our core values and runs deep within the organization.  The company as a whole is well-connected across a variety of community organizations and is encouraged by the executive leadership to give of themselves in whatever capacity they are able, including during work hours.

Russell employees, on average, commit to group team building, fundraising or community betterment activities on a quarterly basis.  Events vary in scope, size and involvement, from weekly group bike rides, hosting blood drives – to painting buildings during United Way Day of Caring– to building a home for Habitat for Humanity.

Check out a slideshow of some of our fun, learning and networking opportunities that you can experience if you join the Russell team.

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Social / Learning Gathering with Architectural Partners